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Vandrom Trust
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Vandrom Trust - maison en bois

  • 1998 Beginning of our activity - Working and primary processing of wood.
  • 1999 Export of logs and sawn timber - India and Germany.
  • 2000-2002 Superior wood processing - producing solid wood furniture , also export - Germany.
  • 2003 We first create the production and house construction department later to become SC VANDROM TRUST SRL.
  • 2004 We build the first wooden house.
  • 2005 We beneficiate from APROCOR specialists' consulting, building thus the first wooden house according to European standards. We participate to the reconstruction of flood destroyed houses - we build 5 houses in Agas, Bacau county.
  • 2006 We take part to the reconstruction of flood destroyed village - 18 houses in the village of Rotunda, Bacau county. Due to adequate technologies, we contract and build the first 3 houses abroad - France.
  • 2007 We triple the turnover of 2006; we build in Romania, France, Italy and Holland; we invest 500 000 EUROS for purchasing our current plant in the town of Moinesti - offices 300 sqm, land 20000 sqm and sheds 2000 sqm.
  • 2008
    • We double the turnover of 2007. The share of clients from Romania reaches 30 % compared to 10% in previous years.
    • We create our own design office which helps us produce the first houses completely modulated in our factory. We purchase the most performing software specialized in designing wooden houses - SEMA - Germany, WOODENGINE - French, AutoCAD 2009, MiTek - United Kingdom. Concerning the design, we allow a particular attention to thermal insulation, not only to resistance. The building of one house takes now only 3 days!
    • We add Norway to the list of countries in which we are already building
    • We obtain certification for applying the CE mark according to SR EN 14081:2007 on the wood of our structures (the first for Romanian profile companies); we obtain certifications for Integrated Management System - SR ISO 9001:2001, SR EN ISO 14001:2005 and OHSAS 18001:2008.
  • 2009
    • In spite of recession, we estimate a turnover of more than 2 mill. Euros, having contracts already signed for 25 houses.
    • We have a project for realizing a production capacity of more than 100 houses/year by purchasing a new production line (newest generation) from the renowned German companies Weinmann and Hundegger. Investment - 1 mill. Euros.
    • The houses will be almost entirely prefabricated (including installations and interior coating). Thus, we reduce the assembling time to three days for semi "finished" stage and one month for a "turn key" house.
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